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Iowa City, IA

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Iowa City is the educational center for Iowa with universities, colleges, educational and research activities, and literary programs. Active life style and entertainment facilities are abundant in the city. Proximity to Cedar Rapids, Quad Cities, and Coralville expand Iowa City's business markets.

Iowa City has onging projects for home improvement of public and private housing. Roofing and siding for the old and new buildings are constantly posted by the city. Proximity to the river brings special challenges to the construction due to risk of flooding from the Iowa river and its tributaries.

Cold temperature protection and airtightness are mandatory for Iowa City buildings. Contractors seek out innovative methods for improving the building enveope products and energy efficiency of Iowa City properties.


Iowa City FAAB

Fluid Applied Air Barrier (FAAB) is the efficient way of providing air and moisture barrier to a building. FAAB acts as an additional layer under the roofing or siding for protecting the building from weather elements. Compared to the mechanically attached house wrap or the self-adhesive membrane, FAAB provides superior leak free protection.

FAAB is made of elastomeric compounds that seal on the surface after setting.

  • Repels air and moisture from the surface and permits vapor.
  • Available in 5-gallon buckets from major manufacturers such as Dupont
  • Similar to painting or coating and is applied by spraying, rolling, power spraying, and so on.
  • Different FAAB models are available depending up on the type of application and surface.
  • Thin and thick types are preferred for residential and commercial buildings.
  • FAAB can be applied in hot and cold weather.
  • Low-temperature FAAB are available from the suppliers.

FAAB provides superior building protection, energy efficiency, easy to apply, and saves labor cost. For large multifamily units, fluid applied air barrier is the most efffective way of building protection. FAAB is selected by contractors to suit the exterior climate, direction of airflow, and structural design of a building.



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For Iowa City buildings, fluid applied air barrier can provide complete air tightness and prevent uncontrolled air leakage. Traditional house wrap proves to be ineffective to completely seal the building due to the falling, tearing, and rotting of the house wrap. FAAB can cure and set completely to prevent any air or water inside the building.

Iowa City buildings are continuously subject to weather elements such as high winds, storms, tornadoes, ice, snow, rain, and so on. Flooding is a common problem for the buildings. FAAB can provide a better alternate for air and water protection as it can be applied in the interior of the buildings as well.

Doors, windows, nails, and wall seams are covered with a mesh paper and liquid coating is applied. This provides a seamless application to the buildings. Surfaces are cleaned and pre-filled with joint compounds to prepare for FAAB application.

For low-income properties in Iowa City, FAAB provides an excellent cost savings way of air protection. The buildings can meet the green building and cool building initiatives and can get the rebates and tax credits.

Energy efficiency of Iowa City buildings can be improved with the fluid applied air barrier. Air leaks are the major case of spike in electricity bills. With complete air-tightness provided by the FAAB, a building can significanly save energy bills. The sustainabiity of the building is also improved due to the reduction in carbon emmissions and dependency on fossil fuels.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

IC FAAB Contractor: Olde Town Group

Olde Town Roofing

Roofing Division: Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Group is the leading FAAB contractor in Iowa City. The family owned business is led by Sean Vogler and has head quarters in Moline, IL. They are licensed, insured, and bonded in Iowa and Illinois. Olde Town Group offers top FAAB products that are compatible with other building protection products.

Olde Town Group is a certified premier contractor from CertainTeed. They are the the certified SELECT ShingleMasterâ„¢ from CertainTeed offering premium products and services. Olde Town Group are also a IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO. Other services include roofing, siding, deck, windows, renovation, restoration, waterproofing, and so on.

Olde Town Group can install any product you prefer. They are experts in providing energy efficient building solutions. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550, 3095171676, or 3192128131 for more information on IC FAAB.